West Area Logistics Center

Location Hogye2-dong, Annyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Type Industrial
Gross Floor Area 17,552㎡
Building Scale 3F, B1
Design / Completion 2009 / 2012
Awards 1st Prize of Competition
S-POSTING "West Area Logistics Center" leading the future of parcel dedicated logistics center in Republic of Korea. West Area Logistics Center is a parcel dedicated logistics center to manage the explosive growth of parcel. Based on clear function analysis, logistic up and down movement line and one-way circulation movement line was constructed, fast parcel post processing with rational and efficient plane and elevation was designed, and a pleasant office area was ensured. Considering public-nature of public institution, the large exterior space provides usage and convenience to local residents as it connects the city and the site as a mediator. The elevation of West Area Logistic Center, capable of continuously managing of sudden change in postal environment, has a high-tech building exterior which emphasizes parcel flow and speed of postal service and represents a new landmark in Anyang-si.