Design For Safety

Construction Industry Accident Deaths: 499 (2016 4th Quarter)
51.5% of all industrial accident deaths_KOSHA

In 2013, the Republic of Korea was disgraced as the No. 1 OECD industrial accident death rate. According to KOSHA (Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency), 51.5% of the deaths from industrial accidents in 2015 were recorded as a result of construction industry accident. In 2016, the Korean government is enacting and enforcing DFS (Design Safety Assessment) to reduce accidents in construction accident.
In recognition of the importance of safety, Mooyoung Architects & Engineers has been focusing on strengthening internal safety education and safety business capabilities since 2016 by collaborating with BGI, one of the best safety consulting companies in the US. We also aim to establish ‘SAFETY CULTURE’ beyond safety standard, code and even law. Mooyoung Architects & Engineers, who sincerely considers safety as another important ‘VALUE’, will leads a safety culture in construction / architecture field.

OECD Industrial Accident Death Rate (2013)

  • * No. of Accident Death per 0.1 Million
  • * Resource: ILOSTAT_2013
  • · 1st rank of OECD Industrial Accident Death Rate(KOREA)

What DFS(Design for Safety) is?

DFS is acronym for 'Design for Safety' which is same safety review as CDM in UK, PtD in USA. In the Design phase, DFS is the sequence of work to remove, replace or reduce the risk from identifying and analyzing the 'Risk' of safety accidents that may occur during construction or after completion of use or maintenance
  • Design for Safety : Article 75-2 of Enforcement Decree of the Construction Technology Promotion Act
  • Construction Safety Management Manual: Guideline for Construction Safety Management (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Notice 2016-718)

Correlation between Time and Efficiency

* Safety considerations at the design stage are cost-effective

DFS Process

01. Hazard/Risk Identify

  • Risk = Severity x Probability
  • Severity : Degree of the damage or impact of the hazard
  • Probability/Likelihood : Degree of exposure to hazard
* Size of Risk: Rectangular Area of Severity and Probability
* Risk reduction measures: How to reduce the Area

02. Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment If you simply define the risk assessment,
how you assess the accident can happen seriously.
“How the accident
  • can


    Occurrence probability of accident or exposure likelihood to hazard
  • happen


    Assessment : Need for risk control
  • seriously?


    Severity of Accident

03. Risk Control

Risk Control (Preparation of Alternation)
  • Preparation of alternation for risk control
  • Applying selected alternation among 2 alternations along with HOC (Hierarchy of Control)
Hierarchy of Control
Hierarchy of Control
Engineering Controls
Administrative Controls
Personal Protective Equipment
* Eliminate, Substitution and Engineering Controls are suitable as alternation to reduce the risk in architectural design phase

04. Residual Risk Assessment

Residual Risk Assessment
  • Assess residual or new risk after applying alternation
  • Improve design safety based on PDCA cycle
* Via continuous improvement, the safe culture in architecture/construction filed is accomplished


Since 2016, Mooyoung has established the ‘Mooyoung Design for Safety Institute’ and been working with BGI, a leading safety consulting firm, to strengthen safety training and safety work capacity. BGI is a unique safety consulting company in the field of EHS (Environmental Health Safety), and has the world's best technology in Aerospace safety design, dismantling nuclear power plants technology, establishing safety systems for semiconductor factories and chemical treatment safety process consulting, etc.

MY DFS Major activities

  • Install MY DFS Team
  • OSHA 30 Education Completion
  • EHS and DFS safety training 2000 hours
  • MY DFS Research Achievement
  • MY DFS Internal and external safety
    education module creation

MY DFS Research Achievements