Architectural Design

Architectural Design is defined as a procedure to embody into physical form due to construct a building based on required function, structure and shape. Therefore, Architectural Design means a stage to materialize a building via adjusted, arranged and structured drawings with concept. Mooyoung A&E has competitive design capability and reasonable/efficient programming skill based on clear understanding of client needs and places client satisfaction as top priority.

Concept Design

Plan Design evaluates the provided or potential site related to the project's program, budget, and schedule, and presents the direction of the design through the understanding of the site and program. Site selection and program development is the basis of this design phase.

Schematic Design

Schematic Design (SD) is the most important phase in designing that establishes the basic goals and directions of the design. SD establishes a comprehensive plan (building's feature, size, shape, structure, materials, etc.), and it is a phase that ensures a clear concept and form. Through these processes, it is a design phase that clarifies the program, offers design solution, and provides reliable basic data for project cost analysis with the owner's understanding and approval.

Design Development

As a step to prepare for Construction Documents, Design Development (DD) defines and explains important details to reflect the established concepts from Schematic Design to Construction Documents. Design Development is a design phase that resolves issues that was not resolved in the Schematic Design phase, minimizes supplement for Construction Document details, and through continuous refinement and adjustment the design becomes a complete architecture.

Construction Documents

Construction Documents (CD), based on approved documents from Design Development phase, show details of the Design Development on a plan (drawing) where organization of plan (drawing), method of presentation, size of measurements, etc. are logically and accurately organized for accurate communication between the building owner and Construction Company (contractor).

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