Talent of Mooyoung A&E

Open Mind

The Mooyoung A&E oriented person who has open mind with a heart full of humanity and morality. The one who a brave person can openly say right to away with all kind of irregularities, the one who a warm person can truly demonstrate living together, and the one who a leader  away with collectivism and individual selfishness can encourage and lead colleagues with true camaraderie. Open person who has open mind for colleagues, client, communities, country and toward mankind.

Open Thinking

The Mooyoung A&E oriented person who is a creative person to pursue a future based on cooperation and creativity. The one who a person keeps trying for self-development with promising spirit, the one who is always giving vitality and freshness to the organization via accepting change and new ones. Open thinking person who has open thinking to understand not only own speciality but other areas with extensive knowledge and flexible mind that can be viewed from different perspectives.

Open Behaviour

The Mooyoung A&E oriented person who has international sense and ablilty as a global citizen. The one who a person with basic skils and capability for the clear goal and a sense of purpose can figure own postion out by steroscopic and international view to survive in the open era of infinite competition. Open behaviour person has a goal to contribute global human society via open behaviour with international thinking and etiquette.
The construction Mooyoung A&E to seek a new paradigm in the 21st century architecture, We look forward to the support of competent personnel with a passion and a sense of global architecture.

Recruiting Method

New Recruits Applicants  (Public Recruitment)1st Round (Documents & Portfolio Examination) - 2nd Round (Writing Test & Executive Member’s Interview) - 3rd Round (Physical Examination) Experienced Applicants  (Ordinary Recruitment)1st Round (Documents Examination) - 2nd Round (Executive Member's Interview) - 3rd Round (Physical Examination)

Required Documents

Application(Fixed form, Picture attached) Self Introduction (Fixed form) Certificate or Graduation Proof for Graduating Expectation School/College Record Certificate Certificate of Experience (Experienced applicants) Any Other Certificate with Several Photocopies (If you have) Portfolio Paper of Recommendation (If you have)

Careers Inquiry

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* The Application Form can be downloaded from the PC.