Development Planning

In order to maximize the value of client's property and to enable optimum utilization through attaining legal and financial rationality, Mooyoung A&E provides comprehensive solution from feasibility analysis to building completion in all development project process.

Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility Analysis will provide business feasibility to the developer, repayment possibility of loan funds to the financial institution, and accurate information on return on investment to the investor through market demand forecast, estimated funds requirement, review of technical feasibility, profit and loss estimation, and cash flow estimation that are required to promote the project.

Market Research (Survey)

Market Research (Survey) is an operation that investigates the scale (size) of the structure where a plan is possible for the project site, analyses floor space index, number of floors, building coverage, and accommodations within the legal and social limit and investigates requested facility by the client to plan a feasible facility.


Rebuilding/Remodeling is a work that can maximize the value of owner's property by changing the design and materials that will increase the rent and the value of commercial buildings for commercial area and office, creating new space and expand floor plan that will meet changing cultural life needs for residential architecture.

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