Incheon Geomdan 4 Primary School

Location Mt. 47-2, Wondang-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon
Type Education & Research
Gross Floor Area 20,438.06㎡
Building Scale B1, 5F
Design / Completion 2020 / 2022
Client Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education
Awards 1st Prize of Competition
A "With Cluster" that connects communities from the heart of the region
Through the empty space, students were provided with a large square and various learning spaces, and schools and residents shared the square and communicated with each other to form a central cluster of education doors and culture in Geomdan New Town.
In order to organize a future educational space centered on students, a public space was planned to enable creative experience activities and to become a self-directed educational space centered on learning activities.