Incheon Inter-City Gajung O'guri Competition

Location Gajeong-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon
Type Urban Development
Gross Floor Area 136,225.87㎡
Building Scale 1F, B4
Design / Completion 2008 / -
Client Korea Land & Housing Corporation
Awards 1st Prize of Competition
Incheon Inter City project aims to construct the nation's first multi-dimensional composite city. and plans to build both underground and above-the-ground spaces by making the Kyungin Expressway pass underground and also by developing a multi-dimensional urban facility where the Light Rail Transit crosses the Seogot Street. This competition is to bring forward proposals for complex underground and above-the ground traffic spaces, and for limited underground spaces. Gajeong's name originates from a beautiful arbor, and its graceful landscape has been described in countless paintings and writings since old times. Instead of recreating its past looks, we presentes a future and a vision for this place, and suggested a newly born Gajeong.
· Breathing G+arden,
We designed new topography that breathes with nature, and whose looks are close to nature like the traditional Korea garden. Linking the green network, which had been disconnected by the Kyungin Expressway, to the site, we designed a breathing void space for underground space.
· Wave G+round Intersection,
The objective of this design is to create a breathing underground space, a multi-dimensional connection between the underground and above-the-ground spaces, a dynamic symbolic structure, and an organic pedestrian space.
· Urban G+ate,
We created a gate structure to symbolize Gajeong five-way crossing's role as a gate way from which to expand into the world and to which to re-condense and congregate, based on its location and surroundings in Incheon. We bestowed a new landmark identity to Gajeong-dong where the flow of the city condenses and diffuses. Incorporating these architectural concepts in this proposal, we designed ‘3G+’ which is a central square as well as multi-dimensional facility, as ‘Breathing Urban Wave.’