Dhofar Governor Office, Oman

Location Dhofar, Oman
Type Overseas Works
Gross Floor Area 19,193㎡
Building Scale 4F, B1
Design / Completion 2010 / -
Client Dhofar Governorate
Awards 2nd Prize of Competition
Goal of This Project is to make new Office of the Minister of State & Governor of Dhofar nearby existing building situated on Salahah, Second city in Sultanate of Oman. The significant challenge during entire design process was not only preserving and promoting the relationship with existing government building while enhancing the dignity and role as a government office building.
Therefore, We proposed this project with three main goals. First of all, we re-arranged parking layout which is the key element to connect existing and the new building and it is to improve parking space and circulation efficiency. Second, at site plan, width 17 meter linear pedestrian road has introduce to enhance the accessibility of pedestrians and relationship to existing building along with water features, canals and greenery spaces. At the last, a hexahedron pattern was introduced to enhance the focal point at the center of inside building, and natural light from above the building covered with steel framed dome is planned to enhance the dignity as a government building.