Sung-ui Sports Complex (Incheon Soccer stadium)

Location 180-6, Sungui-dong, Nam-gu, Incheon
Type Culture & Sports
Gross Floor Area 324,208㎡
Building Scale Stadium: 5F, B3 / Mixed-Use: 52F, B6
Design / Completion 2008 / 2012 (축구전용경기장)
Client Incheon Metropolitan City / Sung-ui Arena Development
Awards 1st Prize of Competition
The "WAVE" represents the overall design concept of the stadium. A new urban space consisting of "Sports Wave" in the sports complex zone, "Entertainment Wave" in the station area, and "Green Wave" encompassing the entire zone is created. The soccer stadium will become yet another major landmark for Incheon providing a new urban landscape area that will feature a Grand Cruiser which appeared to sail out into the future. The commercial district will be connected to Dowon station to form "Wind Canyon" animating the downtown area.
Three super-high-rise residential towers have been designed based on the zone will feature the Nexus Plaza for staging special events, the European Garden for residents and visitors, and the Wave park which is equipped with Wellbeing Forest for physical exercise.