The National Digital Library of Korea

Location Banpo-dong, Secho-gu, Seoul
Type Education & Research
Gross Floor Area 28,467㎡
Building Scale 3F, B4
Design / Completion 2005 / 2009
Client National Library of Korea
Awards Korea Green Architecture Award 2012, Superior Prize
Seoul Architecture Award 2009, Superior Prize
The National Digital Library, which is built in the front square of the National Library, is a symbol of the national library as a portal to communicate the image of IT Korea to the world.
We create The National Digital Library as green and warm digital world where nature lives into it which is composed of "open layout" that does not block the existing building, "spacious and green nature" which seems to have green carpets spread, and "reintegration of the complex" through a large circular foundation and ‘convenient connection’ with the existing main building.