[Winner] INTEROJO Pangyo R&D Centre

Competition  |  2018-05-24



We, Mooyoung, have nominated as the 1st place for the “INTEROJO Pangyo R&D Centre".  

We will give many thanks to all of staffs and appreciate your efforts a  lot.   




· Location: The 2nd Phangyo Technovalley E4-2 Block, Siheung-dong, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si

· Program: Knowledge Industry Centre

· Site Area: 1,112㎡

· Gross Area: 8,024㎡

· Scale: 10F, B5

· Elected Date: 2018.05.04

· Architect: Mooyoung A&E

· Owner: INTEROJO Co.,Ltd.

· Division: Design Division 3