Training Center of Busan National Gugak Center

Location 2, Gugak-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan
Type Culture & Sports
Gross Floor Area 4,166.07㎡
Building Scale B1, 5F
Design / Completion 2020 / 2022
Client Busan National Gugak Center
Awards 1st Prize of Competition
As a project to expand the training center at the existing Busan National Gugak Center, it is designed to harmonize with existing buildings and become a new window for future-oriented and communication with citizens.
It was arranged in the direction of the front road and Busan Citizens' Park to increase awareness of the Busan Gugak Center, and to maximize the usability of citizens by planning a low-rise commercial space. In addition, the entrance yard is a community-oriented space with a stand stairway and a large event square, which enhances the utilization of the space.
It was intended to contribute to the modernization and popularization of Gugak by planning a media facade toward Busan Citizen Park so that posters of Gugak performances and live performances can be realized as video images on the building's elevation.