Lucir Oasis Family Resort

Location 726, Sirang-ri, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan
Type Hotel & Leisure
Gross Floor Area 79,061㎡
Building Scale 18F, B2
Design / Completion 2018 / 2022
Client East Bay Co., Ltd.
Awards 1st Prize of Competition
Osiria Tourist Complex Project is a cultural and leisure tourist complex that creats new lifestyle of Busan. Lucir Resort, as being the core of this Complex, provides 100% open ocean views to all rooms and private pool in terrace for specialized rooms. For the connection with active street near Aqua World building, food street retails are planned in the lower floor, and by connecting with ocean side open basement plan with various four season attractions, we were able to create active space for all ages can enjoy. The design derived from the motive of ocean for the low-rise podium, and Shirang Mountain for the high-rise building, Lucir Resort will become a distinctive landmark building of, not only Shirang, but Dong-Bu San area.