Seongnam Global ICT Convergence Planet Project

Location Block Global E6 The 2nd Pangyo Technovalley, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
Type Education & Research
Gross Floor Area 38,438㎡
Building Scale B3, 8F
Design / Completion 2018 / 2021
Client Seongnam Development Corporation
Awards 1st Prize Winner of Competition
This project is designed to establish a base for enterprise support through the development of Pangyo Techlo Valley and Seongnam regional industry and to foster promising small and medium venture companies as global gazelle companies.
In consideration of the spatial changes caused by industrial structure development, we planned a networking space to activate communities for automatic and intelligent control of multi-sector convergence, super connection, and super intelligence based on information and communication technology suitable for the fourth industrial revolution.
In addition, we sought to create an industrial eco-system for linked generation and a platform for mutual growth toward global markets. With this background, we have focused on designing public space for various communities inside and outside and ensuring community space for good inner-communication. In addition, the maintenance plan was also considered through the mass planning considering the sale and lease.