High Speed Railroad Gwangmyeong Station

Location Iljik-dong, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do
Type Commercial & Transportation
Gross Floor Area 78,495㎡
Building Scale 2F, B2
Design / Completion 1995 / 2004
Client Korea Train Express
Awards Gyeonggido Architecture Award 2005, Honored
High Speed Railroad Gwangmyeong Station, a hi-tech station for the 300km/h high-speed passenger train service, was designed to give visual pleasure and leave a strong impression with its grand scale and dynamic streamlined roof lines.
The main design elements include : a symmetrical streamlined roof that was adopted to utilize the site featuring two sides and the natural topography facilities that have been placed in consideration of clear cut functional and convenience requirements, and perfect solutions introduced to resolve train noise, wind pressure, vibration, air control, illumination, communication, emergency escape plan, and safety issues and structural rationality intended to withstand vibration through a reinforced concrete foundation and a beautiful, steel structure roof.