Jeju Science Park

Location Aradong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Type Education & Research
Gross Floor Area 28,446㎡(A6 BL), 19,505㎡(A8-1 BL)
Building Scale 5F, B2
Design / Completion 2008 / 2010
Client Jeju Free Int’l City Development Center
Awards 1st Prize of Competition
Ara Innopolis, a science park and support facility of Jeju High-Tech Science Technology complex, features a unique combination of world class research environment and the beautiful nature of Jeju. Ara Innopolis can be divided into two independent buildings with two different functions: manufacturing and administrating. The complex is environmentally friendly. It also provides sufficient exterior space and pleasant atrium space.
The functional concept is ‘Plug and play’. In this complex, people can start working as soon as they move in. The name ‘Ara Innopolis’ comes from the word ‘Ara’ which means the ocean of Jeju, combined with ‘Innovation’ and ‘Polis’. The buildings face south to get natural light. The orientation creates a good ocean view. The void between the building masses mediates and integrates nature and the architecture. The void also provides a common platform for two different functions of the complex. Natural ventilation and lighting create pleasant indoor environment through two atriums.