Gwangjin Art Center

Location Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
Type Culture & Sports
Gross Floor Area 18,445㎡
Building Scale 6F, B3
Design / Completion 2001 / 2005
Client Gwangjin-gu
Awards 1st Prize of Competition
The Gwangjin Art Center, which embodies two hemp-sail boats moored at Gwan-naru ferry, has been designed to provide a forum of energy for the residents, including a space for diverse activities and games, recreation amid nature, and community festivals and events, shedding new light on the 'wide ferry' that has disappeared from our memory. The public service (ground and small auditoriums and exhibition halls), education and service facilities (District Assembly Hall and District Council) have been designed to be seen as one building by connecting them with a hitech roof with traditional Korean eaves.