Ramadi New Town, Iraq

Location Al anbar, Iraq
Type Overseas Works
Gross Floor Area 26,963,889㎡
Building Scale Site Area 3,054.6ha / 55,403 Housing, 420 Public Facilities
Design / Completion 2010 / -
Client Al Anbar State
The Ramadi New Town Project is to be located in the province of Al Anbar, Iraq, south-western part of the Al-Habbaniyah Lake. The project consists of a new city development with the gross floor area of 3,054.6 hectares as the restoration project of postwar Iraq. This project has the five main concepts : Culture, Self-sufficiency, Welfare, Education and Eco. The project includes various residential facilities, public facilities, city infra-structure, regional, education, culture and sports facilities of about 55,000 households to accommodate more than 330,000 inhabitants.
We have designed villages which have various community besides the 5th axises of green space which spread out like the spokes of a wheel from the Central park. The Central Business includes 65-story IT center, R&D Center, office buildings, and 5-star hotel. There will be a University Hospital, 5 general hospitals and 18 health care centers that can provide high-quality medical services to the residents. The Main mosque will be located in the center of the city. Also, 28 semi-mosques will be placed every 1, and 91 daily-mosque will be placed every 500m. We have planned enough religious facilities. Also, We have designed 51 kindergartens, 17 middle & high schools and 34 primary schools, a university and 5 technical education centers. There will be the plentiful education network in the city. This project will be an examplar eco and the self-sufficient city with Ubiquitous-city system.