Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications IT Center

Location No.97 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Type Overseas Works
Gross Floor Area 153,615㎡
Building Scale 35F, B4
Design / Completion 2009 / -
Client Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group
Awards 1st Prize of Competition
The primary form of the IT-2 tower is an ‘L’ shape, which is generated by a sequence of plazas. The sequence rising towards the Tower form the ‘Life-scape’, which gives life to the project by re-creating socio-urban environments throughout the tower.
As different ‘Life-scape’ elements interact with the Tower, various floor types area created. South, East and West facades are designed with the combination of metal panels and Low-E pair glass curtain walls, which designed differently to suit the environmental condition of each orientation.