Le Meilleur Cheongpyeong Water Sports Town

Location Hoegok-ri, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Type Hotel & Leisure
Gross Floor Area 9,468㎡
Building Scale 4F, B1 (48 Units)
Design / Completion 2006 / 2007
Client Le Meilleur E&C
Awards Gyeonggi-do Architecture Award 2007, Bronze Prize
This is the first resort project for the owner, Le Meilleur Construction, to extend its functions from sports and high quality residence construction business to a water sports-based resort town. The site’s merits are maintained to the maximum by complying with the topography of the Cheongpyeong area, which offers the best location for leisure resort, by adopting layout plan that preserves the existing trees. Spacious bedrooms are provided with a fine view over Cheongpyeong-Lake, and the State of Art finishing materials add elegance to the units. Resort town appearance is created to use gable roof covered with Mediterranean-style Saint-Gobain tiles. Deluxe quality is pursued with horizontal relief decorations and slate stone finishing. The plan also includes a mooring building consisting of two stories to be used for party gatherings and water sports. The building has been built on Cheongpyeong-Lake, and boasts arched membrane structure that covered with the entire surface of the building.