Ho Chi Minh Lake Smart City

Location District 2, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Type Overseas Works
Gross Floor Area 2,426,223㎡
Building Scale 39F
Design / Completion 2020 / -
Client Lavi E&C
The urbanization rate in Ho Chi Minh City(HCMC) of Vietnam grows fast, and it is expected to be 75 percent by 2030. HCMC is expanding to the east of city, and the site is located in the center of the Anfu area of the second county. The site, which reaches to 117 hectares, is adjacent to the major highways connecting the first to ninth districts, and is the largest as a single-scale complex in HCMC, which has abundant development potential. This master plan is planned to introduce smart-infrastructure, build a data hub center, residential culture incorporating AI, IOT, ICT technology, various complex communities and allocate populations for efficient urban management. Lake Smart City is a self-sufficient city that applies high-tech IT to promote residents' happiness by harmonizing residential, commercial, business and cultural facilities, and creating new jobs, etc. Simultaneouly, it will solve overcrowding the city center of the 1st county of HCMC and provide the new standard model of the city development by a self-sufficient smart city as the model of future city.