Tiantai Shilla-bang Housing Complex, Qingdao

Location Qingdao, China
Type Overseas Works
Gross Floor Area 490,864㎡
Building Scale 16F, B1
Design / Completion 2007 / -
Client Tiantai Group
An ancient community known as Silla-bang was constructed by Silla residents in China when Jang Bo-go, the ‘Marine King’, controlled the maritime trade in Northeast Asia. The project consists an apartment compound of approximately 4,000 units for Korean and Chinese residents of Qingtao, reflecting the history of Silla-bang. 'GLOCALIZATION', a term coined by combining Globalization with China-Localization, is suggesting the idea of global localization. With this concept, the project attempts to provide a town that will function as a forum for unity among residents of different nationalities.