Hwaseong Dongtan District(2) A-104BL Apartment

Location Dontan Distrcit(2) A-104BL, Hwaseong si, Gyeonggi-do
Type Residential & Housing Development
Gross Floor Area 140,496.24㎡
Building Scale 13~20F, B1 (1,171 Units)
Design / Completion 2018 / 2021
Client Korea Land and Housing Corporation
Awards 1st Prize Winner of Competition
THE Care FULL, a residential complex for supporting the present and future of newlyweds!
For the newlyweds, the house should be a space filled with love and happiness. In Korea especially, however, marriage, childbirth, childcare and homebuilding for young couples are not a process of happiness but a challenge to overcome. We started from this reality and found the value of newlywed Hope Town in CARE. It is a fact that everyone agrees that children and parents cannot be happy without the help of society. (THE Care_FULL) Town! It is seems a more delicately support by everything that a newlywed couple wants, rather than giving up one to get one. We propose a complex that fosters a happier home tomorrow than today with the rich infrastructure of the city and nature, communication and interaction with neighbors, and specialized facilities for newly married couples. A house for people! A home that is always a trustworthy and solid fence! The house, which the newlyweds call for their wishes, shall be spread out in ordinary life on Hwaseong Dongtan.