Daejeon Dong-gu District New Office

Location 425, Gao-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon
Type Office
Gross Floor Area 35,332㎡
Building Scale 12F, B2
Design / Completion 2008 / 2012
Client Daejeon Dong-gu District office
Awards International Public Design Award 2009, Grand Prize
Dong-gu District Office(D-Portal) is located on the east side of Daejeon, where you can experience the dynamic scene of the sun rise. The arch form of the building has attempted to express the dynamic ‘gate-way’ of the city of Daejeon. The government building will become a multi-government building including the facilities such as Council, library and medical center.
On the top floor of the building will be provided with conference room to cater various public events. On second floor, the open deck public plaza has been specially designed to encourage the engagement with local residents. Over all, the government building is aimed to be stand out as an iconic building of the city, which can function as a successful public communal center.