Dhofar Municipality Main Building, Oman

Location Dhofar, Oman
Type Overseas Works
Gross Floor Area 19,996.34㎡
Building Scale 4F
Design / Completion 2008 / 2018
Client Dhofar Governorate
Awards 1st Prize of International Competition
Dhofar Municipality, currently under construction in the capital city of Dhofar of State, Oman, will ultimately serve as a symbilic urban gateway to the city. The front plaza, main gate, courtyard, landmark tower, Dofar History Par, and Major are being built along the metropolitan axis of a 28m-wide thoroughfare according to the design concept of 'Communication, Gateway and Interconnection'.
Furthermore, as a symbolic visual axis is set up from the clock tower to the city, all visitors entering the city through its airport are sure be impressed by the new state government building.