Dongtan 2 District Master Plan (Agri-Multiform and Gosatt)

Location Dongtan 2 District, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
Type Master Plan
Gross Floor Area 1,371,202㎡
Building Scale 8,595 Units
Design / Completion 2009 / -
Client Korea Land & Housing Corporation
Awards 2nd Prize of Competition
The concept of this master plan is “Agri-multiform & go-satt”. Go-satt is a korean traditional vocabulary which means outside of home, outside of village, or the road between fences. In other words, “Go-statt” reinforces the importance of the communal spaces and the relationship between village people.
The primary strategy of this project is to create Agri-multiform including the facilities of education, entertainment & cultivation, under the condition of conserving the original Landscape & its form. In order to create “Korean Traditional Community,” the pedestrian passage centered village has been proposed. This proposal will be achieved by seven educational buildings with pedestrian passage located within the radius of 200 meters. The Korean traditional space has been re-interpretated by providing low-rise form of residential buildings ‘Mat’ and Vertically developed building form. Also, T.O.D (Transit Oriented Development) has been introduced through the multi-interchange center. In order to provide a secure village, the green Transport network, community security system have been introduced through the universal design.